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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 20

Agenda item no

20SUB 5/2/2020



Meeting date

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Not available

Date closed

Not available

Resolution details

The Chairperson verbally presented his report to the House as follows:

• SONA Speech: The only positive emanating from the President’s address was an undertaking to allow municipalities who are in good financial standing to receive power from Independent Power Producers. The City of Cape Town is in a good position but legal issues could retard the process.
• World Cup 2010/Cape Town Stadium: Reference was made to pre 2010 when land was required for the construction of Cape Town Stadium. An issue arose about zoning and environmental issues. Premier Helen Zille scribbled information on a cigarette box and 6 weeks later the matter had been resolved. He said that the same approach should be applied with the IPPs and the electricity issue.
• Public Participation: There are two issues on the agenda with regards to public participation.
• MURP: According to a recent media release, R7.5m has been allocated to parks situated in the MURP areas across the City. Subcouncil 20’s MURP area is Wynberg PTI, CBD area and surrounds. He also mentioned that there are 6 parks within confines of Ward 62. Regular ACT meetings were being held to track the progress of all projects. He enquired whether the parks in Ward 62 will benefit from the funding.
• Carbon Neutral Development: More than 100 people attended the briefing about carbon neutral mixed-use developments. A site in Ward 73 has been identified for such a development. This is a competitive process and the winning bids will only be revealed in approximately a year’s time
• Water and Rain: He monitored the dam levels and water consumption regularly. Without any scientific evidence, it would appear that the winter rainfall will be lower than in previous years. Capetonians have also become too relaxed about water consumption. Citizens should be urged to reduce water consumption. He promised to pursue this quest with the support of fellow Councillors.
• Pipe Bursts: Due to old infrastructure and frequent pipe bursts, Council was now replacing more than 1 km of new pipes in Braefield Road, Plumstead, in Brommersvlei Road, Constantia and in Fountain Road, Bergvliet.


Subcouncil 20 notes the contents of the Chairperson’s Report.

Action: Brigitte Francis

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