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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 22

Agenda item no

22SUB 2/2/2020



Meeting date

Monday, February 17, 2020


Not available

Date closed

Not available

Resolution details

Chairperson raised concerns of the number of officials absent from the Subcouncil meeting. Cllr R Mare concurred. Chairperson requested that a record for the last three meetings be recorded of those officials who have not attended Subcouncil 22 meeting, this will be forwarded to the Speaker’s office for further action.
O Vumindaba indicated that she is a Representative from the City Manager’s Office and they are doing a drive across all the Subcouncils identify all the issues that needs the City Manager’s attention. She alluded to the fact that one of the issues that frequently come up is the leave absences of the officials in the Subcouncil meetings. The City Manager is looking into that and ensuring that the officials are where they are supposed to be.

O Vumindaba requested that the list of the officials who frequently submits apologies be sent to her.


That the apologies for the absence of following councillors and officials as submitted by the Subcouncil Manager, BE ACCEPTED, as follows:
G Campbell Subcouncil 22
A Van Niekerk Transport Planning
M Olson Transport Planning
T Sokanyile Recreation and Parks
R Jashim Library Services
Graham Alexander Water & Sanitation Services
A Davids Thomas Social Development
E Pietersen LIS
C Finch Social Development
J Koen Water and Sanitation Services
C Steyn Electricity Services
V De Azevedo City Health
L Mdunyelwa Area East Director
J Daniels ED - East
G Ncinane Recreations & Parks
G Fouldien AED – East
U Kafile Recreations & Parks
G De Villiers Human Settlement
R Barnard Tourism – Area East

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