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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 8

Agenda item no

08SUB 3/1/2020



Meeting date

Thursday, January 23, 2020


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Date closed

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Resolution details

“Good morning, Molweni, Assalamoalaikom, Shalom,

Councillors, Officials, Manager, Staff, members of the public and press,

Welcome to the first Subcouncil meeting for 2020.
Hope everyone is well rested and ready for this year’s new challenges to make our City and precinct even greater.

Good News Stories / Achievements

Subcouncil 8 are in the process with various development projects and programmes within the precinct namely:

1. Upgrade of Sidewalks, Pavements and Roads
2. Re-tar of streets and delivering on the “Mayoral Pothole” campaign.
3. Duelling of Broadway blvrd. Rd. phase 2
4. Duelling of Main rd. to Altena (congestion relief)
5. Upgrade of Public lighting in Naomi and Webb Streets.
6. Asanda Village Wetland Rehabilitation.
7. Nomzamo Pedestrian Footbridge
8. Gordon’s Bay drop off Upgrade (Solid Waste)
9. Upgrade of Gordon’s Bay sewers
10. Housing developments under way i.e. Vlakte Plaas Housing Development, Morkel Cottage Phase 4 & 5 to be rolled out, Rusthof Infill housing project, Beverley Hills housing project.

Note That I have requested two presentations to be done for our SC at our next meeting.
1. A presentation on All housing development projects.
2. The N2 relocation of residents living on the N2 reserve by Mr Mr Lwazi Nobaza.

The Strand Sea Wall discussions with Mr Gregg Oelofse Manager: Coastal Managementregard and the Subcouncil is scheduled for 28 January 2020.

We need to improve and curb illegal dumping and littering on all open spaces and with the cooperation and commitment of our Community please report those perpetrators on 0860103089 or SMS 31378.

We need to promote the Strand as a safe, economic and friendly area to visit and to do business and partner with all stakeholders, role-players and locals.

Other projects communities could look forward to in conjunction with MURP – Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme are the current process of Cleaning All the Canals and the Soetriver and to urge communities NOT to dump their waste in our canals for skips has been made available and been placed across the Helderberg area to keep our spaces clean.
The maintenance of our public facilities will encourage our communities to make use of them and enjoy the resources the City provides.

What we would like to see happen in your areas in order to expand our Tourism industry is our Coastline which plays a vital role and clean beaches should be a priority.

We need to focus on the Socio Economic problems and roll out the “Give Responsible Campaign” to address the growing issue of people living on our streets.

As a Sub-council I would like to focus on big community projects such as annual events/functions whereby the whole Strand/Gordon’s Bay form part of.

In December the Subcouncil had our first ever for Strand Night Market and thank all the role-players for making it a huge success and would like to make this an annual event.

As a City we have partnered with the Pink Walk for Cancer in the Helderberg which takes place in 1 March 2020 which is an activity for the whole family.

The Motor Sport Festival will also be a first for Strand which will be held over the Easter weekend (more details on the way).

Winter Sports Tournaments for our Youth like Soccer, Netball, Rugby, etc. and for this we need to upgrade our sports facilities and expect our Ward Councillors to keep a close eye on it.

Year End – High Tea events which are hosted by the Executive Mayor.

These are just a few we are currently busy with and sure with the roll out of the various events/functions we will be able to make Strand/Gordon’s Bay one of the best tourist destinations.

I hereby also request that Councillor’s forward the SC with any other information they would like to see happen within their respective Wards.

Festive Season Feedback :16 December 2019 – 12 January 2020 Area East:
Including beaches Strand main beach, Harmony Park day camp, Gordon’s Bay main beach, Bikini Beach, Kogel Bay, Klippies Bay and Sparks Bay.
JOC (Joint Operation Centre):
Were establish at the Traffic Centre in Gordons Bay from 16 December 2017 – 6 January 2018
This was manned by Traffic, Metro Police, Law Enforcement, Disaster Risk Management and Gordons Bay Security (who maned the radios of SAPS and Neighbourhood Watch). The purpose of the JOC is to monitor the Helderberg area and give quick response when a complaint was reported.

Identikidz Programme:
Social Development implemented the tagging of kids again this year. In Area East 8000 kids were tagged and 81 kids were reported lost but all of them were reunited with their parents. The Strand neighbourhood Watch also assisted with the lost kids on the Strand beach. A sad story to tell is a kid were lost and brought to the Social Development container. After several calls the parents answered their cell phone in Stellenbosch and they were informed that their child is still at the Strand beach. How could parents leave the Strand beach without knowing their child is not with them in their vehicle. For the entire city 138 603 kids was tagged with an armband. 333 kids were reported lost but could be reunited with their parents.

1) 7 Dec 2019 Strand Marine Protected area - adult Male
Drownings 2018/2019 - 2 drownings.

A big challenge for the law enforcement services on the beach were the people coming to the Strand beach intoxicated and then they want to go and swim. If it was not for the law enforcement services, the drowning figure could have been much higher.

Alcohol Confiscated:
The following amount of bottles were confiscated from the beaches
Area West: 7294 Bottles
Area East: 3241 Bottles
Area South: 1089 Bottles
Area North: 1850 Bottles

2018/2019 Area East 11 152 bottles confiscated

In conclusion, let met thank you all for your hard work over the festive period, we really appreciate it as well as the positive attitude you always display while attending to your tasks.

We look forward to a prosperous 2020.

Let’s have a good meeting.

I Thank you”

Matters arising from the Chairperson’s report:

Cllr Maxheke reports on activities that took place:
The fire that took placed caused havoc in Nomzamo and surrounding areas and expressed his gratitude for the decrease in parking rates for Somerset and Strand.

Cllr Punt advised that the tariff did not decrease the parking management service has stopped and furthermore no parking fees will be imposed for Strand and Somerset West CBD as of 1 February 2020.

Chairperson thanked both Cllr’s Maxheke and Punt for their input.


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