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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 7

Agenda item no

07SUB 4/5/2019



Meeting date

Monday, May 20, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details

“Alderman, Councillors, Members of the Community, members of the press and officials, good morning, goeiemôre. Welcome to the Subcouncil meeting.

I would like to express our sincere condolences with the family of Mr Phillip Rudolph Bezuidenhout, Ward 112 Ward Committee member, representing Designated Vulnerable Groups, who passed away after a heart attack on Friday ,10 May 2019 . Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the residents of the Durbanville Childrens’ Home. Could we please raise and observe a moment of silence.

I would like to remind Councillors and Officials of the Rules of Order and the respective Codes of Conduct. I would like to also for the interest of the public, advise that this is a statutory meeting and only elected members of Council may participate in such debate, unless an interview with Subcouncil is applied for in terms of the Rules of Order.

I would like to thank all councillors, officials and most importantly the public for attending our 2019/20 Draft Budget Public Participation Process meetings on 16 & 17 April 2019. It was well attended and all indications are that it was successful.

The intention of these meetings are to inform the community and the members of the public about the proposed tariffs, rate changes and basket of indigent benefits and provide them an opportunity to give input before the budget is finalised.

I can confirm that we had a peaceful election day throughout the voting stations in Subcouncil 7. Law Enforcement was deployed from 6am – 10 pm and patrolled all election points taking care of the safety of everyone - no incidents were reported. Although the weather was not conducive, the community still came out in numbers to vote and we thank them for their efforts.

The By-election for Ward 21, will take place on 19 June 2019 as approved by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) .

The City of Cape Town’s law enforcement officers can now implement and execute additional powers to make communities safer and deal with threats ranging from land invasions and traffic offences to other serious crimes. Administrative changes have been implemented to give effect to these additional powers which came about after the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services issued the new Peace Officers Declaration towards the end of last year.

Additional powers which are now being implemented include:
• New powers granted in terms of arrests include all by-law offences
• New schedule granted powers of arrest and dealing with “any offence relating to the supply, possession or conveyance of intoxicating liquor” as opposed to the restricted sections previously
• The schedule also empowered law enforcement officers to deal with “applicable road traffic and road transportation legislation that is operative in the area of a municipality”. Thus it covers all traffic-related legislation and any envisaged future traffic legislation.

The phased training underpinning the new powers is ongoing and the law enforcement basic training course has been adapted accordingly. It is envisaged that all 1 500 officers, which include auxiliary or volunteer law enforcement officers, would have undergone the primary phase of the training by December 2019.

The City of Cape Town was advised on Tuesday 7 May 2019, by Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) of their decision to terminate the water supply contract with the City and pursue legal action.

It should be noted that in terms of the contract, the City does not own the plant and equipment. QFS was responsible for the cost of establishing the plant, which cost would have been recovered by QFS through the sale of water to the City.

The City made every attempt to find a workable resolution with QFS and during the mediation process placed a number of proposals on the table. Each of these was rejected. The City has done everything possible to protect the service provider’s interest while staying within our mandate to meet the requirements of the Municipal Finance Management Act.

In light of the termination of the contract by QFS, the City is in the process of taking legal advice on the way forward.

The City of Cape Town urges all residents to help stop the spread of the tree beetle fungus by reporting all sightings of infected trees. Awareness of the symptoms and spread of the infestation could save thousands of trees. Although symptoms differ among species, the most common symptoms of infected trees are:

• Gum or sap oozing on the bark
• Visible entry and exit holes
• Sugary exudates
• Sawdust or frass visible around holes
• Fungal staining on sapwood or outer bark
• Dieback of part of the tree or the entire tree

Currently there is no fully effective or registered treatment for either the insect, or the fungus. Severely infested trees are removed and destroyed in order to contain the spread of the disease.

To report sightings, call 0860 103 089 and state that a possible PSHB case is being reported. The exact location of the sighting is very important.

Subcouncil 7 have received numerous complaints regarding continuous water outages in the Sonstraal Heights area. Mr Eduaan Albertyn, Regional Operations Manager - Water and Sanitation, responded that there were problems in the higher lying properties in Sonstraal, Goedemoed, Uitzicht and Pinehurst and they were in the process to review the supply and zones. The problem experienced with the power outages and booster pumpstations not running added to the frustrations. They have managed to take the booster pumpstation out and supply the area from the Spes Bona Reservoir. This will eliminate the drop in pressure during power outages in future.

Date Meetings held by Subcouncil
2 April 2019 Site visit : Durbanville Scouts/ King Street - to ascertain the condition of the premises prior to renewal of the lease
16 April 2019 La Farge : Social responsibility project-
creating a partnership for a social responsibility project in ward 105
18 April 2019 Transversal Working Group for Durbanville Taxi Rank - To find soluations to the on-going problems at the taxi rank.
23 April 2019 Vierlanden Dog Park Meeting with Public Participation : - To dicuss the process and timeframes. The public meeting was held 14 May 2019 (18:00) at the Durbanville Council Chambers and unfortunately not well attended. Hopefully residents will partipate in the “have your say” campaign which ends on 14 June 2019.
14 May 2019 Planning Workshop : Possible informal market : Old Oak Community Park Erf 1779 - The proposed establishment of a craft market at Old Oak Community Park which is a project on the ward 21 ward allocation budget for 2019/20.
15 May 2019 Ward Committee Election for wards 21,103 & 105. We welcome the interest of the 3 organisations who nominated representatives.
16 May 2019 A workshop re House Shops/ Spaza Shops was held to discuss the challenges around illegal houseshops specifically in Fisantekraal, Greenville.
16 May 2019 Transversal Homeless People Working group meeting to find solutions for the increase in homeless people in our area – a site visit followed directly after the meeting.
17 May 2019 Parking Management meeting- Durbanville CBD (Ward 112) - To discuss terms and conditions regarding parking management .

A special welcome to Ms Khanya Ndarala who is doing her internship here at Subcouncil 7 for 3 months. She will be attending meetings and other Subcouncil interventions during this period. We hope you will have a wonderful learning experience.

Ward Committee Information Session, Planning & Land Use Application Processes: 22 May 2019 at 17:00.

I thank you.


Cllr Uys commented on the passing of Mr Rudolf Bezuidenhout and indicated that his legacy would also be celebrated by the Durbanville Children’s Home during their centenary celebrations in June. `The Chairperson also conveyed Subcouncil’s condolences to Cllr Uys for the recent loss of two family members.

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