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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 12

Agenda item no

12SUB 5/2/2019



Meeting date

Thursday, February 21, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details


The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, reported:

That at the January Subcouncil meeting, Cllr Eddie Andrews indicated that he would pursue the matter with the relevant officials. Further to this, the manager indicated that the Head: Coastal Policy Development & Management Programmes: Mr Darryl Colenbrander, requested background information and copies of the minutes relating to the Overview of the Coastline. He requested this to better understand what the overview aims to address and the specifics in terms of the resolution of Subcouncil. The manager confirmed that he submitted the minutes of the first meeting at which the item was discussed, as well as the subsequent MRA comments to date.

Cllr Eddie Andrews stated that he briefly perused the Draft Coastal Management report and stated that we must ensure that the document speaks to the economic opportunities at the nodes identified by the Subcouncil. He advised that the document in its current form is a broad outline of economic opportunities available and the desire to enter into an agreement with sister departments and private partners. He requested that the manager obtains a copy of the document to cross reference what they have and ensure that the proposals of Subcouncil is included and requested that a copy of the document is circulated to the councillors.

The manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, stated that he sent the documents to Mr Colenbrander via email and Item 12SUB08/11/15 refers. He stated that a formal report will be sent to Subcouncil which can then be scrutinised.

Cllr Daniel Christians advised that he has met with Mr Greg Oelofse and Mr Darryl Colenbrander years ago and they are well aware of the Subcouncils request. He expressed his concern that information is being requested by Mr Colenbrander as he formed part of the initial discussions and is wasting time requesting information that was already provided. He requested that the officials are invited to a Subcouncil Meeting or Activity Day to discuss this long outstanding matter.



1. That Subcouncil 12 NOTES the comments
made on this matter;

2. That the Manager, Mr Mcebisi Fetu,
invite Messrs Oelofse and Colenbrander
to the Next Activity Day meeting.

The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, advised that fa report on this item is listed under item 12SUB16/02/19
and Mr Alexander Dykes is in attendance to speak to the report.

Mr Alexander Dykes referred to the January Subcouncil meeting at which he requested a delay in tabling the report due to the report needing to be updated with the most recent information. He explained that the report is the same one submitted last year, however an additional point was added based on a directive received from the Executive Mayor and Mayco Member to include looking at the Swartklip Facility as the preferred site to serve the greater Mitchells Plain area.

Cllr Daniel Christians reiterated the stance of the Subcouncil in that the house will not deviate from the minuted resolution which recommends JQ Sports Grounds as the preferred site for Mitchell's Plain.
He further expressed that JQ was selected as the site for Mitchell's Plain due to its close proximity to the Waste Water Treatment plant meaning that water for the grounds could be accessed from there as well as the fact that JQ is situated in an area central to the surrounding communities of Mitchell's Plain. He stated that the Subcouncil motivated for a track within the boundaries of Subcouncil 12 and the Swartklip facility is situated within Subcouncil 10. He concluded his comment by stating that the money set aside for consultation services can be put to better use by investigating the rehabilitation of the track that is currently on the JQ field.

Cllr Solomon Philander commended the department for acknowledging the need for an Athletics facility in the area. He stated that he supports Cllr Christians in terms of the preferred site as resolved by the Subcouncil. He further stated that he requested a copy of the blueprint of the JQ facility in order to work out the costs and determine how best to implement what the subcouncil envisions at the facility. He stated that a feasibility study is not needed, as the erection of an athletics track at the JQ facility is feasible but the facility needs to be upgraded. He concluded his comment by adding that if the Director is unclear as to the request of the Subcouncil, that he be invited to a Subcouncil meeting or Activity Day to discuss the request.

Cllr Eddie Andrews commented that he concurs with the comment made by Cllr Philander and stated that the Subcouncil is keen to understand the scope of the project and whether Mr Dykes can inform the house as to why the Swartklip facility was identified as the preferred site as it falls within a different Subcouncil.

Mr Alexander Dykes responded that the Manager of PMO and Director had discussions with the Mayco Member regarding the inclusion of the Swartklip Facility. He explained that he is not aware of the reasons behind the preferred site but could request the information.

Cllr Solomon Philander requested that Mr Dykes raise the questions to the Director: Mr Vincent Botto in terms of the scope and scale of this project and the reason as to why the Swartklip facility was recommended as the preferred site.

Mr Alexander Dykes commented in terms of the rehabilitation of the grass track and stated that he is aware that the Subcouncil wanted a synthetic track installed which costs in excess of R16 million. He further stated that the development of the facility and the relevant infrastructure could cost approximately R30 million. He advised that he would request that Mr Bradley Burger and the professional services of the recreation Department quantify the request in order for the house to have an idea of the approximate costs involved. He concluded his comment by stating that he would relay the concerns raised by Cllr Christians to Director Botto.

Cllr Eddie Andrews recommended that the house resolve to select representation from this committee to represent the Subcouncil at the upcoming discussions surrounding this matter. He enquired in terms of the timeline to finalise the scope of the project and stated that the Subcouncil would need to effect its resolution to obtain the tartan track within the relevant budgetary process. He stated that it may not be possible to access funding if the scope of the project is not available.

Mr Alexander Dykes responded that he would have to defer the matter to PMO Manager: Mr Leeroy May. He stated that Mr May would have to appoint a consultant to produce the scope, specifications and costing which will need to be put to tender and according to the report, the tender will only be available in April 2019. He stated that a project of this magnitude would be undertaken by the Directorate team.

Cllr Daniel Christians enquired whether it would be possible to meet with Mr May on site at the JQ field to perhaps guide the process in terms of what the Subcouncil envisions for the track as the ideas of the Directorate may not align with the request of the Subcouncil. He requested that the site visit be arranged as soon as possible as to not further delay the process.

Cllr Eddie Andrews commented that he does not object to the site visit, however it may not be necessary at this stage. He stated that there needs to be engagement with the Mayor and Mayco member who have conveyed their support for the Swartklip Facility. He stated that the councillors need to engage on a political level to express the position of the Subcouncil.

He further referred to the report on Folio 269 Point 2 in which it states " The Recreation and Parks Department has identified the need for a study to be undertaken to assess current athletics facility provision and articulate facility requirements for the future. The outcomes of this study will inform the Department as a decision-support tool."

He stated that if he understands this point correctly, it speaks to where the track will be located and if so, this survey has already been done in the form of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) guide for the provision of social facilities in which it states which areas should be considered for recreational facilities. He stated that this report was referenced when initial discussions were held for the proposed Athletics Track site almost 6 years ago. He explained that during the deliberations, it was stated that there was no need for a track in Mitchells Plain due to having only 2 registered clubs in the area. The Subcouncils argument is that those outside of Mitchells Plain (in the south) as well as the schools in the area need to be considered and even went as far as suggesting that every school in Mitchells Plain is considered/registered as an athletics club so as to increase the number from 2 to 118. He concluded his comment by stating that if a team is only appointed in March/April to determine the scope, the project will not be submitted to the BSC in time for the next financial year.

The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu commented that at the last subcouncil meeting it was determined that political intervention is needed and should happen concurrently with the administrative process. He stated that the councillors or an elected representative needs to engage with the Mayor and Mayco member in order to acquire the background and main objectives in terms of the preferred site.

Mr Alexander Dykes stated that he concurs with the comments made by Cllr Andrews and Mr Fetu and agreed that intervention is required on a higher level as this is where the information came from.

Cllr Eddie Andrews enquired as to who would conduct the political engagement.

Cllr Solomon Philander recommended that this matter is taken up with the bigger caucus of the City and recommended that the matter is submitted in writing.

Cllr Eddie Andrews stated that it will eventually be presented to the Caucus and is of the opinion that the matter needs to be addressed with Cllr Badroodien to convey the views and recommendations of the Subcouncil.

Cllr Solomon Philander reiterated that this too can be done at the bigger caucus.

1. That Subcouncil 12 NOTES the comments
made on this matter;

2. That the matter is escalated to the
Caucus of the City to ascertain why the
Swartklip Facility was selected as the
preferred site for the construction of an
Athletics Track


The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, reported that the progress report on the Hives served at the January Subcouncil meeting where it was resolved that the department would submit quarterly progress reports until the matter is concluded.

The Chairperson, Cllr Sheval Arendse, advised of the following unaddressed issues at the Hives:

-The electricity is still disconnected due to tampering that occurred;
-Maintenance of the roof is required as it is loose;
-Clarity required in terms of tenants, as tenants are constantly changing

Ms Diane Haupt responded that she was not aware that the electricity supply is disconnected as she was not informed. She stated that there have been a few burglary incidents but the roof had been repaired. She advised that she would visit the Hives after the meeting and check in terms of the roof and electricity and report back to Subcouncil.


1.That Subcouncil 12 NOTES the comments
made on this matter;

2. That Ms Diane Haupt follow up and
provide feedback on the electricity and
roof maintenance query;

3. That Mr Alexander Dykes submit quarterly
reports on the progress at the Hives until
the matter is resolved.


The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, reported as follows:

He referred to the January Subcouncil meeting at which a lengthy discussion around the Audit of Land pockets and development proposals was held. He stated that much of what's been recorded needs to be sent to Property Management to action. He advised that it was determined that Recreation and Parks are the owner department of the Dunes and POS and stated that Ms Jennifer Fabing is here today to speak to the progress made on this item.

Ms Jennifer Fabing introduced herself to the house and advised that she represents the Facility and Project Management office of Recreation and Parks.

She reported that she sent a list of 15 properties identified by the Planning Department to Mr Andre Human at Property Management. She explained that there is a handover protocol that needs to take place which includes the completion of certain documentation which is currently in the process of being completed. She stated that once Property Management receives the necessary documentation, they will conduct an internal investigation and evaluation in line with the prescripts of the Immovable Property and Asset Management Policy. The outcome of the evaluation will be communicated to the line department once completed.

Cllr Eddie Andrews referred to the Subcouncil meeting held on 16 March 2018 at which it was proposed that the disposal of the sites should be done in a holistic manner which would look at both the Public Open Spaces and lanes and the department would then make representation/recommendations to Subcouncil. He commented that it was at this meeting that it was resolved to consolidate 4 MRA's into one item namely,

- Erf 1211 Beaconhill Dune;
- Open Space Rationalisation;
- Lane Closure Phase 2B and
- Motion to consider the removal of
Rocklands Dune

He commented that consolidating the items may not have been the best option as some of the items are not being addressed which is causing a further delay in resolving the outstanding items.

Cllr Eddie Andrews enquired as to who compiled the list of 15 properties mentioned by Ms Fabing.

Ms Jennifer Fabing responded that the list was compiled by Recreation and Parks in conjunction with the Planning Department. She further commented that the Rocklands Dune was not part of the rationalisation study conducted by Mr Charles Rudman and stated that they are currently looking at said dune and are yet to establish whether it will be retained or disposed of.

Cllr Eddie Andrews enquired whether the list of 15 properties was circulated to the Subcouncil?

Ms Jennifer Fabing responded that it was not circulated but that she could forward a copy of the proposed properties to the Subcouncil.

Cllr Solomon Philander commented that the house cannot effectively discuss the properties in question if they are not aware of the properties listed. He suggested that the official submit the list and be invited to the next meeting to adequately discuss the item.

Cllr Eddie Andrews stated that there seems to be a disconnect in terms of the discussions surrounding this item and the focus is not on all items listed under this consolidated MRA. He stated that the Subcouncil cannot blindly comment on a list they haven’t seen and the subcouncil should have been involved from the start of the process and not when the department is seeking comment from the Subcouncil in terms of its delegations.
He further commented that there has been no feedback in terms of the lane closure item, POS rationalisation or Beaconhill and stated that we are losing traction on matters because they are clustered together. He recommended that a meeting is convened within the next week or two and not wait for the next Subcouncil meeting as that means a month will be lost. He stated that he has recommended that the committee assign PR councillors to the MRA's in order to sustain traction and have the subcouncil provide the necessary administrative support and in that way a substantive report can be tabled at Subcouncil.

The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Fetu, stated that Margot Muller who had taken over from Mr Charles Rudman clarified the way forward in terms of the process which needs to be followed for the open space rationalisation and stated that Recreation and Parks are to be the lead department for the disposal of public open spaces. The purpose of getting all the departments together was to ascertain who would be responsible for what. He explained that the list referred to by Ms Fabing is the same list that Mr John Hendricks sent which was circulated to all councillors.

The Manager, Mr Mcebisi Johnson Fetu, enquired whether the MRA item should be split or left as a consolidated item.

Cllr Eddie Andrews stated that he notes the feedback received about having all stakeholders together in one room and stated that the MRA should be left as a consolidated item for now.

Cllr Solomon Philander suggested that the item is left under one heading with the four different matters as subheadings.


Cllr Eddie Andrews sought support from the house to convene an adhoc meeting and get all relevant stakeholders together for this MRA item.


Cllr Daniel Christians commented that we need to get clear direction from Recreation and Parks in terms of a point of departure for the issue of dune removal.

Mr Alexander Dykes stated that he will take the matter up with the directorate office and advise.

Cllr Daniel Christians stated that at the last Activity Day, Lewine Walters confirmed that Parks manage the dunes North of Baden Powell Drive and Nature Conservation manages the dunes between Baden Powell and the Coastline.

Cllr Eddie Andrews stated that he has requested that the Acting ED for Spatial Planning provide clarity regarding Dune Management and hopes the feedback will be provided before the next sitting of Subcouncil.


1. That Subcouncil 12 NOTES the comments
made on this matter;
2. That Ms Jennifer Fabing circulate a copy
of the 15 properties alluded to in her
report back to all councillors;
3. That an adhoc meeting, which is to
include all relevant departmental
stakeholders, is convened within the
next week or two and feedback provided
to the March Subcouncil meeting.

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