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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 9

Agenda item no

09SUB 5/2/2019



Meeting date

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Not available

Date closed

Not available

Resolution details

Cllr Sotashe welcomed the Councillors, Officials and Ward Committees from their respective wards and the members of the community at large. But most importantly he welcomed the councillors from other Subcouncils who attended the meeting and emphasised that a moment for them to add, ask or contribute to the agenda of the meeting will be granted. Cllr Sotashe stated that the meeting has a short agenda and co-operation from the councillors will be needed and by 12:00pm the meeting should be adjourned as he has another appointment. He reported back on the issue of Subcouncil 9 vacant positions as the meeting was held between him and the Urban Management standing committee, the main focus was on the position of a Subcouncil Manager. He also reported that the post has been re-advertised and the closing date as the 15 February 2019 and by the 30th March 2019 the position will be filled. Cllr Sotashe reported that a new Director: Luzuko Mdunyelwa has been appointed as off 01st February 2019. The Director attended yesterday’s activity day and he promised to improve the matter of the Subcouncil 9. Credit should be given when is due, as the Cllr mentioned the big role portrayed by Energy and Climate change, as Subcouncil 09, we are now proud to confirm that most of the informal areas are electrified. He also spotted out that the only thing left is to find land and relocated the people that are next to the power line. Subcouncil has a right to condemn official who look down on other officials in the City of Cape Town as there is no competition.

He also pointed out that Cllr Maxiti’s Executive Support Officer, Mr Zwelethu Zulu forced a walk about to do site visit during the activity day, on 19th February 2019, and going to site without councillors that totally wrong. He raised concerns as to who will introduce the officials to the people, and who will do a follow up. Mr Zulu was informed that the councillors were at the Subcouncil activity day and would not be able to attend the visit and therefore a request was made to reschedule the walk about time but he refused. Cllr Sotashe promised the councillors that the official’s ignorance will be escalated to the City Manager. He reported that Taiwan people are currently protesting and after the Subcouncil meeting, the councillors will go to them and address the people. He also requested that since it is only two (2) years left for councillors to finish the term, the Manager must coordinate a roadshow, take Subcouncil to the people, and ward committee members must be part of these arrangements, the sooner Subcouncil receives the dates the better. Cllr Sotashe also reported that the adjustment budget has been approved and now ward councillors must monitor the progress in their wards and if any problem occurs, it must be immediately and political intervention will be done. He proceeded by pointing out that City of Cape Town did a good job by hosting Armed Force Day in Cape Town, and encourage people to go and see what the Armed Forces are doing.

Cllr Sotashe concluded by stating out that the President’s efforts be acknowledged on the process of combating corruption in South Africa, also stated that official who are corrupt be rooted out. And the President has indicated that on the 8th May 2019 elections will take place and “May the best party win the elections 2019”.

I thank you.
Cllr Sotashe– Subcouncil 09 chairperson.


Cllr Hlangisa gave gratitude to City of Cape Town for electrification of TR section. And He also supported Cllr Sotashe on escalating the matter of the official who forced a site visit on the Activity Day without the councillors. Also supports the corruption process taken by the President.


That the chairperson’s report be NOTED

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