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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 16

Agenda item no

16SUB 4/2/2019



Meeting date

Monday, February 18, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details

Cllr Kempthorne addressed the meeting as follows:

‘Welcome to our February Subcouncil meeting.

We have a relatively small agenda today with some very important stuff, particularly our Draft Water Strategy. As everyone knows in the City, we have survived a 1 in 600 year drought.

We as the City are re-looking at our entire Water Augmentation programme. So I urge everyone to go through this document and give their comments, it’s a very well thought out document looking at what we as a City will face over the next 10 – 25 years, and I can assure the general public and the ratepayers that Cape Town will never be in this situation again or even come close to running out of water. We have learnt a lot and it was really a collective effort for both the City, but most importantly the residents out there made sure that we took our water consumption down by 55% - something that no other City has ever managed to achieve. It was a phenomenal collective effort by the residents of Cape Town, to such an extent that we are the only major urban city that survived such a climate challenge.

We also have the review of the IDP process, so again I urge Councillors to have their say as well as their Ward Committees and the general public on our IDP process.

Also we have the SRA’s Annual Financial statements, a very important part of the Subcouncil. As we have 12 special rating areas, they are our partners and I believe one of the reasons why we have such phenomenal services. As well as public participation within the Subcouncil, thanks to our Special Rating Areas.

And then finally our Civic Awards. Really, this is a time for the Subcouncil to say
”Thank you” to members of the general public who has helped to make sure that this Subcouncil is by far the best Subcouncil, I think, in the City of Cape Town. So thank you all for an incredible work that you do. The unsung heroes, the unpaid heroes: really, it is our opportunity to thank you on behalf of the community for all that you do for us. And at the end of the presentation, please stay for the rest of the meeting, it will be quick. And we have a light snack afterwards for everyone.
So please join us. I Thank you”.

RESOLVED that the report be NOTED.

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