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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 14

Agenda item no

14SUB 4/2/2019



Meeting date

Monday, February 18, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details


Good morning everybody Cllrs, officials, Ward Committees and community at large.
We couldn’t have our normal Subcouncil last week Monday because of a toy-toy in Ward 42 where the community of Lotus where their houses were demolished because of miscommunication between human settlements and city police department. The matter has however been taken care of and will be resolved soon.
The Subcouncil has been having a challenge of houses been burnt down to the ground and the main challenge is that all of them have no tittle deeds and we unfortunately cannot do anything as Cllrs and can only depend on assistance from construction companies and external help otherwise we still advise that when you are given a tittle deed please insure your house so that you are covered in case of the worst happening.
The issue of attack of Cllrs not doing their work, has been picked up on social media and in some instance it’s as a result of lack of knowledge on how things are done. It is maybe Cllrs are not reporting adequately to the communities or community members are not attending report back meetings when called and I also noted that some depend on social media in order to be aware of what is happening in their respective wards. We do have a FB as Subcouncil 14 it’s called Miranda Ngculu and I think we should be posting all our activities there and encourage the community to access that page for information and pose direct questions of clarity.
Based on the above I have taken a decision that we need to have a program of “taking the Subcouncil to the people” where we address all issues that are performed by the Subcouncil, report on all major projects happening and in the pipeline, the issue of ward committees, job seeker database and the difference between operational and capital projects and how everything works, project stoppages where money gets lost (road rehabilitation) and lastly listen to our community concerns and problems and give clarity where necessary. We therefore in that regard request that Manager please organize and arrange that staff be available to all these meetings including herself.
The program is proposed as follows: - we are going to target the month of March and deal with two wards per week starting in W41, W45, W38, W39, W37 then W42 and to give sufficient time to the administration we will start this in the second week and all Cllrs are going to be informed of their exact dates as venues or they can identify a date based on availability.
Human settlements remain a challenge as everybody is waiting on the city to deliver on Erf 8448 and also complete outstanding projects that have been on hold for a long time in all the wards. We hope that the Mayco member Cllr Booi will be able to assist in his presentation on progress of all these projects.
I’m happy to report that in W39 KTC3 project we will be handing over houses to beneficiaries as the project in 98% complete.
We are in an election mode all councilors must be found on the ground to address and deal with local government challenges raised by communities. Ordinarily we shouldn’t be waiting on elections period, it should be our day to day work to assist our communities.

Cllr Kumeke welcome the Chairperson’s report and stated that fire victims must be assisted. In addition, she commended the Subcouncil for the success and achievements within the different wards.

Cllr Nyingwa express his gratitude for the attendance of the Mayco Member, Cllr Malusi Booi. He also showed appreciation that the Chairperson highlighted the Nyanga Upgrade.

The Subcouncil members unanimously agreed for the Subcouncil to go to the wards within Subcouncil 14.


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