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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 7

Agenda item no

07SUB 4/2/2019



Meeting date

Monday, February 18, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details

“Alderman, Councillors, Recipients of Civic Awards, Members of the Community, members of the press and officials, good morning, goeiemôre.

I would like to remind Councillors and Officials of the Rules of Order and the respective Codes of Conduct. I would like to also for the interest of the public, advise that this is a statutory meeting and only elected members of Council may participate in such debate, unless an interview with Subcouncil is applied for in terms of the Rules of Order.

Eskom has declared a power system emergency at extremely short notice and implemented load-shedding. When load-shedding is being implemented, the stage and duration will be updated on the City’s website and our social media channels.

Power outages generally last about 2,5 hours. Due to technical issues there can be minor changes in the load-shedding area boundaries from time to time. If your electricity remains off for longer than the period specified in the schedule, SMS the City’s technical operations center on 31220.

In the past, the City has been able to mitigate the impact of load-shedding in its electricity supply areas. If for instance Eskom announced Stage 2, the City, due to spare generation capacity from the Steenbras Hydro-electric Power Scheme, could assist and keep its customers on a lower stage of load-shedding. This is not possible at the moment as the Steenbras scheme is undergoing necessary maintenance until April 2019.

The General Valuation 2018 Roll contains some 875 000 registered properties in Cape Town and is drawn up for the purpose of billing fair rates to each property owner. Rates income is important so that the City can pay for shared public services such as roads, street lights, parks, beaches, area cleansing, libraries, clinics, law enforcement and fire services.

The City does not make a profit on rates. The value of rates required is determined in the City’s budget. A calculation is also made to determine what rebates should be made to the vulnerable in our society and to see how rates can be levied in the most affordable manner for ratepayers.

It is important to note that, the valuation results are reviewed by professional property valuers and adjusted if necessary. There is no involvement by councillors in the determination of property values, nor may councillors be involved in dealing with any objection to a valuation.

The City of Cape Town encourages all building owners to ensure that they have a copy of their approved building plans. Having these plans readily available will prove to be very helpful when wanting to make extensions. The City’s Development Management Department offers a decentralised service to ensure that our services are available closer to communities. All building owners are therefore able to obtain hard copies of their building plans at our various district planning offices across the city. Customers simply have to complete the plans request form which is available on the City’s website, pay the search fee and obtain the plan at the nearest district office.

• The first Urban Management Portfolio Committee Meeting took place earlier this month. This is the new portfolio which replaces the previous 4 Area Oversight Committees and it deals with the challenges experienced by Subcouncils.
• Two meetings were held with the Education Department to facilitate discussion on challenges being experienced with the land use application for the new school in Klipheuwel.
• A fruitful meeting was held with the Durbanville Taxi Association where they agreed to the new demarcation which separates the public parking area from the ranking area and we are very thankful for their co-operation and look forward to more positive engagements around the taxi rank and the industry in Durbanville. The Executive Mayor, Ald Plato and Mayoral Committee Member, Ald Purchase also visited the Durbanville PTI to look at conditions at the rank which are currently a source of great concern to the community and a number of initiatives are being considered to improve the situation.

• Tariff structure - Ward Committee Information Session - 20 February 2019 at 16:30
• Wards 21, 103, 105 and 112 - Ward Committees Election Meeting – 6 March 2019 at 17:00
• Transport & Development Subcouncil 7 area - Ward Committee Information Session – 13 March 2019 at 17:00


At this point I would like to bring Item 32 ( page 510) on the agenda forward.

Today is a very special day for Subcouncil 7. We recently invited organisations and councilors to submit nominations for individuals and organisations who voluntarily commit themselves to add value to the lives of our residents and communities. Today we want to acknowledge your efforts, commitment, personal sacrifices and determination to make a difference to the lives of other people, despite many challenges that you may experience on your way. We value your contributions, without which we are not able to maintain sustainable, safe and healthy communities.

It now gives me great pleasure to call upon the recipients of the Civic Awards to come forward and receive their awards. I will first read out a short motivation for the award, whereupon you can join me in the front.

Josiah Trust (Community Affairs) : Bradley Kuhn
The Josiah Trust was established in 2011 as a church outreach to the Klipheuwel Informal Settlement. They assisted with building informal structures, provided food and clothing as well as medical care. They feed 100 children five times a week, assist with homework and access to internet, host a Sunday church service within the community, raised community youth to become sports leaders, upgraded a crèche to become a fully functional ECD and offer basic clinic services from the ECD Centre three times a week.

Olympians (Social Affairs and Services ; Youth Affairs; Recreation and Sport) : Wendy Bosse
The Olympians utilize a two tiered upliftment approach in their programmes within Ward 105 - The Olympians Wrestling Club and Olympians Social Development & Education. The main objective of both companies is to transform lives and communities through teaching people that there is an alternative to drugs ,alcohol and gangsterism. Wrestling is used to reach the children in communities. They have had operational hubs in Durbanville ( for Morningstar/Fisantekraal & the Children’s Home), Philadelphia & Klipheuwel.

Exceptional wrestlers are identified and participate in competitions at Provincial, National & International levels. By creating a health environment for children through sport they assist them to change their mindset and also then change their communities.

The social development tier was established in 2019 and they address problems such as abusive parents, substance abuse, homework challenges and social issues. They run programmes such as homework classes, life skills programmes, out-patient programmes, job placement and reintegration, food parcels to families in need, Morningstar crèche and aftercare and Mamawethu House of Safety for abandoned children.

Won-Life (Community Affairs) : Lance Turner
A registered non-profit organisation situated in Fisantekraal, actively involved in the community since 1999. Their primary , strategic focus is basic education. This is a tool that will empower the community to break the cycle of poverty. They have an early learning centre, Teacher Mentorship Programme & Literacy Centre as well as a high school programme which all contribute to the development of our youth. They partner with other successful programmes and interventions to provide the best possible environment and experience to learners and teachers.

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery & Clay Museum (Cultural Affairs): Hamlin Janse van Vuuren
The purpose of the society is the promotion and co-ordination of cultural and art-related activities in the Durbanville and City of Cape Town Metropolitan area. Rust & Vrede founded the biennial Sanlam Portrait Wards national competition in 2013 and since partnered with Sanlam Private Wealth to make this one of the highlights on the national art calendar. They were the Western Cape regional entry point and exhibition space for the Barclay’s Atelier Art Competition in 2014 & 2015. In 2014 Rust & Vrede collaborated with Dietgard Grimmer, a curator from Switserland to host a Swiss art exhibition at the gallery and in 2016 initiated the first cultural exchange with Mexico. In 2018 they hosted the Corobrik National Ceramics Biennale – a major event in the National Ceramics Calendar. These events bring many visitors from all over the country to Durbanville. Rust & Vrede has been voted as one of the top galleries by die Burger Readers’ Choice Awards in the category : Art Galleries.

Alan Kenneth Phillips (Sport and Recreation)
Mr Phillips has been a shining example showing great character and leadership qualities within the sporting community. He comes from an exceptionally talented family. Mr Phillips is currently serving on the Cape Town Baseball Federation Committee as well as Chairman of Bellville Tygers Baseball Club and the head coach in the club. Mr Phillips was recently appointed as Tournament Director when South Africa hosted France in a seven game international series during November 2018. Alan Phillips was also named one of the 100 South African Sporting legends in the book published by Bronwen Leak. He has a list of achievements which include representing South Africa internationally also at World Cup level and Olympic games level where he pitched at the age of 44. He has received acknowledgement a various levels as a coach, including at international level. Indeed a great sportsman who has been sharing his exceptional skills and experience with other aspiring young people and who has done his country and Subcouncil 7 proud.

Durbanville Community Police Forum (Community Affairs): Martiha Roukema
The DCPF is doing excellent work in collaboration with local communities, its NHW’s, SAPS, the City Law Enforcement and private security companies to ensure that our communities live in a safe and secure environment. They have developed a sustainable Community Safety Plan and keep councillors accountable for all safety related matters. They have been instrumental in ensuring that we address the “Broken Window” syndrome in our area. The DCPF are inclusive in their approach to community safety and have recently also assisted the newly established Fisantekraal Neighbourhood Watch with their accreditation process. Safety is one of the main concerns of our community and we appreciate the dedication of all the members associated with the DCPF in fulfilling its mandate.

Congratulations to you all and once again, thank you. We wish you well with your future endeavours.”

Durbanville Public Interchange (PTI)
Councillors Uys and Beneke were thanked for their involvement in the efforts to address complaints relating to the Durbanville Public Interchange.


City Manager Directive: Subcouncil Meetings - Compulsory attendance of Officials
Cllr Uys, in response to the number of apologies received from officials iro attendance at this meeting, stated that not only does this reflect negatively on ward councillors, but also has an impact on service delivery. She also referred to reports which remain outstanding. Cllr Uys requested that the matter be escalated to be discussed at Executive Management Team level.


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