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Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil resolution details

Subcouncil 6

Agenda item no

06SUB 6/2/2019



Meeting date

Monday, February 18, 2019


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Date closed

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Resolution details

Fellow Councillors,
Members of the Media,

Good morning, goeie more, molweni.

Councilors, officials, media and visitors welcome to Sub Council 6’s monthly meeting. I’m glad to be able to give feedback on the Bellville Public Transport Interchange in Bellville. We had a few productive meetings since the last Subcouncil to address the concerns. I have coordinated with directorates and stakeholders transversally to ensure we have a holistic approach to addressing the PTI. Some of the motions raised today will illustrate this.

The growth of small business is very important in this Subcouncil. While informal trading presents various challenges to the City of Cape Town and its residents it is critical that we have a proactive approach to assist informal traders, especially considering its importance to the local economy. I have tasked the Area Director and Acting Subcouncil Manager to assist in developing an informal trading plan for the Subcouncil in conjunction with relevant departments. This will alleviate many of the problems faced with informal trading. I will consult with the relevant Councilors in this regard.

Illegal dumping is a City-wide issue and places huge strain on the administration. Subcouncil 6 has struggled with illegal dumping for quite some time even though weekly clean-up operations take place. EPWP workers are placed in various communities to assist with illegal dumping awareness but this has not changed the culture around dumping. I welcome the efforts by the Executive Mayor in the adjustment budget which makes considerable funds available for targeted cleansing. These hotspots have been submitted to the Urban Management Directorate. I would like to encourage all Councilors to drive awareness within their wards around illegal dumping through street engagements and pamphleteering so that residents are aware of the alternatives and that communities know how they may report and assist the City of Cape Town in finding these perpetrators.

Over the last month a successful meeting of the Bellville Action Task Team was held. The Bellville ACTT reaffirmed its commitment to collectively work together as Councilors, officials and organizations alike to address issues facing our residents. The team ensured that we focus on many refurbishment issues which will include the painting of buildings, repairing of drains and bollards as well as brick paving within the PTI.

Human Settlements development within the Subcouncil is extremely progressive. The Block Housing Development in Bellville South is well on track with the 1st phase having been completed and 2nd phase currently underway. The Pentech Housing Development in Belhar is moving swiftly and soon we will see the first 50 beneficiaries becoming home owners for the first time. Councilors, the provision of housing is not easy and I rely on all of you to actively monitor the development of housing within our Sub council to ensure we deliver a service to all our residents.

All the ward allocation projects are on track, but we do have some challenges, such as the park fencing and equipment, however we are being supported by the Executive Director and Mayoral Committee Member of Urban Management in this regard. On the other projects I wish to encourage Councillors to please play your part and do your oversight in making sure your projects are not delayed and will be completed on time and with full budget spent.

A special thank you to all Councillors for your hard work and commitment. Let us continue to make a great Subcouncil even greater!

Thank you Colleagues.

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