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Tourism Department<p>The Tourism Department is made up of two sections: </p><p> <strong>Local Tourism Development </strong> <br>Tourism development is development where a significant number of local people are involved and have meaningful ownership, power and participation in tourism enterprises providing services to tourists. This is achieved through the coordination and development of amenities, facilities, products and services that support host communities to deliver quality experiences for visitors and residents’ well-being. </p><p> <strong>Destination Development</strong><br>Our objective is to grow visitor arrivals, optimise job creation opportunities, and drive responsible tourism development that secures Cape Town as a sustainable tourism destination. This is achieved through destination planning, research and policymaking by formulating and implementing tourism policies, strategies and plans for Cape Town; destination development and management through establishing common guidelines for sustainable and responsible tourism development and planning to be incorporated into the IDP; and participating in decision-making with respect to major tourism developments planned or proposed for the area.</p><p>Our department drives the City of Cape Town’s local tourism mandate by delivering on its core government functions at a local level. These include: </p><ul><li>destination planning, policymaking, development, and m​anagement;</li><li>tourism product development, training and capacity-building;</li><li>tourism regulation, monitoring and research;</li><li>providing tourist infrastructure and services;</li><li>planning, facilitating and implementing a tourism marketing strategy; </li><li>providing tourism information; and</li><li>leading, supporting or influencing various programmes. </li></ul><p>We are guided by the Tourism Development Framework and Spatial Investm​ent Framework approved by Council to deliver on the City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP). These frameworks provide goals and activities aimed at developing responsible tourism in partnership with stakeholders, other spheres of government and the private sector.</p> <span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link"><div class="list-links">​ <a title="title" href="">S​ee tourism research documents</a><a title="title" href="" target="_blank">Download the Tourism Development Framework</a><a title="title" href="">Learn about responsible tourism in Cape Town</a><a title="title" href="" target="_blank">Visit Cape Tourism<i class="icon link-external"></i>​​</a></div></li></ul></span><blockquote cite="">​​</blockquote><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><span> <div class="contact"><h4>General enquiries</h4><address><ul><li>Telephone:<br><a>021 417 4063</a></li><li>​​Email: <br> <a href="">pauline.vanders​</a></li></ul></address></div> <div class="contact"><h4>Manager: Local Area Tourism Development</h4><p>Mthetheleli Hugo</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 417 4068</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a></li></ul></address><h4>Head: Destination Development</h4><p>Theuns Vivian</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 417 4062</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a></li></ul></address><h4>Lookout Hill</h4><p>Xabiso Mzwakali</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 361 7098</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address></div></span> ​


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