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Media Office<p>We are tasked with protecting and promoting the public reputation of the City administration through free communication channels. These include newspapers, radio stations, television channels and various online platforms. </p><p>The Media Office is a critical part of delivering on the City’s mandate to make sure citizens are informed of how the City is fulfilling its constitutional and legislative mandate and how it is allocating ratepayers’ money. We are not mandated to get involved with marketing or paid communications, except in a supportive role.</p> <span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link">​ <div class="list-links"> <a title="title" href="">Visit our media and news centre</a></div></li></ul></span><blockquote cite=""><p> <em>"As an open and transparent administration, we have to engage on the issues that publications and, by default, the residents are concerned with." </em> <b>Priya Reddy </b> <cite>Communication Director: City of Cape Town</cite>​​</p></blockquote><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><span> <div class="contact"><h4>Manager: Media</h4><p>Luthando Tyhalibongo​</p><address><ul><li>Telephone:<br><a>021 444 9029​</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href="">​</a></li></ul></address></div></span>


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