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Executive and Council Support Department<p> <strong>​Executive Committee Services Branch</strong><br>We provide a specialised transversal committee support service to Council and its committees including the Executive Mayor, Mayoral Committee, the Speaker, and the Intergovernmental Committee.</p><p> <strong>Language Services Branch</strong><br>We provide translation, editing and interpreting services to counc​illors, the Speaker, the Executive Mayor, Mayco members, the Chief Whip, Portfolio Committee chairpersons, City Manager, the Executive Management Team, and the organisation as a whole.</p><p> <strong>Support Services Branch </strong> <br>We provide human resources, individual and organisational performance management, and general administration support.</p><p> <strong>Financial Services Branch </strong> <br>We drive the efficient, effective and economical utilisation of financial resources for the optimal functioning of the Office of the City Manager Directorate in accordance with all legislative, policy and procedural requirements.</p><p>​Our department develops, manages and maintains sound governance systems, processes and procedures as key components of the professional strategic and operational support we give to:</p><ul><li>Council and its committees;</li><li>the Executive Mayor;</li><li>the Mayoral Committee;</li><li>the Speaker;</li><li>the Executive Management team; </li><li>the Office of the City Manager Directorate;</li><li>the Corporate Services and Compliance Directorate; and</li><li>the organisation as a whole. </li></ul><p>We also ensure that the <a href="" target="_blank">City’s language policy​</a> is implemented to enable effective internal and external communication.</p><blockquote cite=""><p> <em>​​"Our aim is to render quality, efficient and professional services to the City of Cape Town." </em> <b>Gillian Kenhardt </b> <cite>Director: Executive and Council Support</cite></p></blockquote>​​<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><span> <div class="contact"><h4>Director: Executive and Council Support</h4><p>Gillian Kenhardt</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 400 1223</a></li><li>Email: <br><a href=""></a></li></ul></address></div></span>


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