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Enterprise and Investment <p>​The department comprises six inter-related teams that work closely to provide a seamless investment facilitation service:</p><ul><li>Development Facilitation </li><li>Enterprise Development</li><li>International Relations</li><li>Investment Facilitation</li><li>Place Marketing</li><li>Support to Catalytic Sectors</li></ul><p>​Our overall objective is to create an enabling environment to attract investment that generates economic growth and job creation in Cape Town.</p><p>We do this through:</p><ul><li>positioning Cape Town as a forward-looking, globally competitive business destination, through the Invest Cape Town initiative; </li><li>working with key economic stakeholders to improve the business environment and support industry development in Cape Town; </li><li>helping prospective investors find development and investment support;</li><li>advising line departments on maximising the economic benefits of their public investments and service delivery activities.</li></ul> <span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link"><div class="list-links">​ <a title="title" href="">Read about our vision for work and business</a><a title="title" href="">Read the Integrated Development Plan (IDP)</a><a title="title" href="">Visit our section Why invest in Cape Town</a><a title="title" href="" target="_blank">Go to W​esgro<i class="icon link-external"></i>​​</a>​ </div></li></ul></span><blockquote cite=""><p> <em>​"Cape Town is a world-class investment destination and is an excellent location from which businesses can launch their operations into the rest of the African continent. We are ready to help you build your business case for investment." </em> <b>Lance Greyling </b> <cite>Director: Trade and Investment</cite>​​ </p></blockquote><img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />​ <div class="contact"><h4>Director: Enterprise and Investment </h4><p>Lance Greyling</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>021 400 1217​</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address><h4>Manager: Development Facilitation </h4><p>Kendall Kaveney</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>021 400 9881</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a></li></ul></address><h4>Manager: Enterprise Development</h4><p>Thembinkosi Siganda</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>021 417 4041</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address><h4>Manager: International Relations</h4><p>Denver van Schalkwyk</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>021 400 1369</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address><h4>Manager: Investment Facilitation </h4><p>Tim Hadingham</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 417 0518</a></li><li>Email: <br><a href=""></a> </li></ul></address><h4>Manager: Place Marketing</h4><p>Rory Viljoen</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br><a>021 417 0604</a></li><li>Email: <br><a href=""></a> </li></ul></address><h4>Manager: Support to Catalytic Sectors</h4><p>Faith Kolala</p><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>021 417 4020</a></li><li>Email: <br> <a href=""></a> </li></ul></address></div>


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