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Development Management Department<p> <strong>​Land Use Management section</strong><br>We ensure that all land in Cape town is used according to its permitted use and zoning rights, along with their accompanying restrictions. We are guided by legislation, such as the <a href="" target="_blank">Municipal Planning By-law </a>and the <a href="">Development Management Scheme</a>, among others. </p><p> <strong>Building Development Management section </strong><br>We ensure that all buildings in Cape Town comply with approved building plans through the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977, in order to ensure a safe and healthy built environment for all.</p><p>We create an effective and efficient planning and building development environment in Cape Town, which promotes and facilitates relevant sustainable, development through equitable and effective service delivery.</p><span> <ul class="lrg-icon-content"><li class="lrg-icon lrg-link">​      <div class="list-links"> <a title="title" href="">Go to DAMS​</a><a title="title" href="">Visit the planning portal</a><a title="title" href="">Find out about land use applications</a><a title="title" href="">Find out about building plan submissions</a><a title="title" href="">Submit a building plan</a><a title="title" href="">Submit a land use application</a><a title="title" href="">Visit the online zoning viewer</a></div></li></ul></span><blockquote cite=""><p> <em>​"Our vision is to be the leading digital built environment regulatory authority in South Africa and on the continent of Africa, demonstrated through its dynamism and relevance." </em> <b>Cheryl Walters </b> <cite>Director: Development Management</cite></p></blockquote><img alt="" src="" width="1440" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><span> <div class="contact"><h4>Call Centre</h4><address><ul><li>Telephone: <br> <a>0860 103 089</a></li> </ul></address><p> <a href="" target="_blank">See all our district planning offices​</a>. </p></div></span>

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