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Cape Town Staidum Venues - Photography

Film & Photo Shoots

Set and scene venues for hire

Cape Town Stadium and Green Point Park offer a variety of interesting angles, sets and backdrops to bring your production to life. Explore the vast range of opportunities that can be captured here and create your own set. Be inspired as you storyboard and scout the perfect location for your project, from the Stadium Bowl, parking areas, corridors, passages, ramps, change rooms, the pitch, tunnels, podium, concourse, forecourt and get creative with the full cinematic versatility of the area.

A firm favourite venue for film and photographic shoots amongst industry stakeholders, Cape Town Stadium and its surrounds have appeared in many commercial and full length feature films.

Getting to Cape Town Stadium

Whether you are coming from the airport, suburbs, the City Bowl or surrounds, it is essential to use public transport or walk from the city centre to Cape Town Stadium. Park personal vehicles in designated parking bays inside the city and continue your journey using a taxi, shuttle or simply walk. Check the traffic report on your event day for updated route information.

Cape Town Stadium Address:

Fritz Sonnenberg Rd,
Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

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Cape Town Stadium
Home of Cape Town City FC
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