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City statistics and population census
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Welcome to the SDI and GIS Department's website

The Strategic Development Information (SDI) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Department supplies the City with the knowledge and information it needs to develop the strategic plans necessary to address Cape Town's wide ranging development needs. Such information is vital for the development planners and decision-makers as it enables them to use the City's resources wisely.

The department has four branches, all geared to strengthen the City’s service delivery programme. These are:

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Strategic Information

This branch provides information, research, surveys and policy support for the City’s strategic
and urban development processes and projects, such as the Integrated Development Plan (IDP). It also develops indicators and compiles socio-economic and demographic information as it relates to the city. These reports are available for download on this site (follow the links on the left-hand navigation panel to City Reports). In addition, the branch monitors other legislation and policies that have an impact on city development.

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Corporate GIS

The Corporate GIS Branch is responsible for providing and co-ordinating spatial information for the City.  This involves the capture, maintenance and packaging of property-related information in various formats.

The geomatics section of the Corporate GIS branch is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Survey Reference Control System (Town Survey Marks); the provision of aerial photography in digital and print format; the provision of satellite imagery; the performance of Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys such as those required for engineering and topography; the provision of topological maps; the creation and provision of digital terrain models (which are 3-dimensional); and the collection, capture and maintenence of land use activity data for commercial and industrial properties.

The spatial database management section is responsible for spatial data, data quality assurance, GIS standards and the distribution of spatial data in both hard copy and electronic formats. Residents are able to purchase these maps in both paper and electronic forms e.g. topographical charts, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, cadastre, erf data, street numbers and three-dimensional models.

Information and Knowledge Strategy

This branch is responsible for developing a City information and knowledge strategy, and improving the accessibility of information.

Knowledge Resources and Support

This branch is responsible for planning and managing a Knowledge Resource Centre within
the City to encourage knowledge sharing and facilitate easy access to information.

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