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City statistics and population census
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The socio-economic and access to service indicators provided below were calculated using the 2001 and 1996 population census data. To measure socio-economic status specifically, the following indicators relating to income, education and occupational status were used:

  • Percentage of households earning less than the annual household subsistence level
  • Percentage of adults with highest education level (less than matric)
  • Percentage of the economically active population that is unemployed
  • Percentage of the labour force employed in elementary/unskilled occupations

These indicators were combined into a composite indicator by calculating the arithmetic averages of the four indicators. (Background on Socio-Economic (SES) Indicators)

The following SES indicator reports are available for download:

The following access to services (electricity, water, sanitation and refuse removal) indicator reports are available for download:

SA Cities Network Urban Indicators Project

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