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Property valuations
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Search the valuation roll

The General Valuation and Supplementary Valuation Roll database below may be used to confirm your property and valuation information.

You may search by: 

  • Site address 
  • Erf number 
  • Farm 
  • Sectional title 
  • Property reference

Search now, or continue reading below for more details about how to search.

Site address

To search for your property by site address, you need to know how it has been spelt on the City’s database. To find the spelling, please refer to section three of your valuation notice (i.e. 3 Lawrence Road; or 3 Laurence Rd).

To make it easier, you may search in several ways: type in the street number e.g 12 and/or the street name e.g Hertzog. You may also do a wildcard search by typing in the name of your street only, preceded and followed by the percentage sign, e.g % fern %. In this instance, you would then look through all the other 'Fern' roads or streets until you find your property.

Erf number

This is the unique number of the erf (land parcel or property) on the Surveyor General’s diagram and is the legal description of your property. You will find it on the reverse side of your rates account, in the line containing the address.

To search by erf, type in the number without the suburb name (to include the suburb in your search, you need to know exactly how it has been spelt in the City’s database).
Look through all the other properties with the erf number until you find your property. The erf number of your property can also be found on your rates account.


Find your farm number on your valuation notice – it will not be on your rates account.

Sectional title

To search for your sectional title property, you need to know the spelling of your sectional title scheme name and the unit number. If you do not know your unit number, type in the scheme name, and search for your individual property. If the unit number is not listed, then find the property by owner name.

Property reference

You will find this unique number below the barcode on your valuation notice; it will start with three letters, such as SPM (the former South Peninsula Municipality) or HEL (the former Helderberg Municipality). This number does not appear on your rates account.

For more information, contact us as follows:
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Fax: 086 588 6051 

Search the General Valuation Roll (GV2012)

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