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107 Emergency
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Welcome to the Emergency Services website

What is 107?

107 is a single emergency telephone number for use by all people living in and visiting Cape Town. By using this number you can ask for help when life or property is endangered and you will be efficiently transferred to the nearest relevant emergency service provider, such as the ambulance, fire, police or traffic service.

How does it work?

You can pick up any Telkom phone, including payphones, and make a toll-free call to 107. The call will be answered by our emergency communication centre. The operator will immediately be able to see where the call is coming from, what the telephone number is, and in the case of private phones, who the subscriber is.

By asking a few pertinent pre-determined questions, the operator will be able to determine what emergency service provider is required, and will transfer the call, including all the information he/she has just collected, to the relevant police, fire or ambulance service provider's telephone and computer terminals. The service provider will then determine what type of response is needed, and dispatch the relevant resources such as personnel, vehicles and equipment to where they're needed. 

Education and Awareness

Extensive public education and awareness programmes, supported by a range of 
promotional materials, are presented at schools, libraries, shopping malls and 
community events to promote the correct use of the service.

These programmes are 
conducted not only to create awareness of the number but also as part of the effort to 
curtail the abuse of emergency numbers and services. More...

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