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Six new spray and splash parks set to cool Cape Town this summer

As temperatures rise in the city, six Cape Town communities will be glad to know that spray and splash parks are planned to help keep them cool in the hot African climate. Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services Councillor Tandeka Gqada has announced that six Cape Town communities will receive a ‘spray and splash’ park each to help cool the summer heat.

Councillor Gqada says the development of the spray and splash parks forms part of the current administration’s redress programme to restore past imbalances and provide facilities for those that were previously denied them.

The department has planned spray park facilities in Valhalla Park, Du Noon, Ocean View, Scottsville, Khayelitsha and Nyanga, to the total approximate cost of R12-million. These areas have been earmarked for these spray parks as there are currently no municipal aquatic facilities here.

A spray park/splash pad is a water-play area with no standing water. It’s a fun and safe alternative to swimming pools as it eliminates the need for lifeguards or other supervision as there is practically no risk of drowning. Spray parks/splash pads have been around for decades and are being installed worldwide as a solution to water-wise aquatic recreation. They also respond to reducing capital and operational costs in comparison to swimming pools.

These projects are planned to start in February 2013 and planned for completion by May 2013. The spray parks consist of a series of spray features or structures that create a play environment for children by means of different spray nozzles, and interactive collecting and dumping features. Water is recirculated and treated through a process similar to that of a swimming pool reticulation system. The use of the facility it is not seasonal and accessibility is not dependent on the appointment of seasonal lifeguards. In fact, the department would not require any lifeguards and communities would be able to access the facility year-round. 

For more information or to locate a recreational facility in your area please visit our Sports and Recreation page.

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