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Policies, By-laws and MOUs
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Welcome to the City’s documents repository.
Important documents such as the City’s policies, reports, by-laws and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) are available for download on this site. They are listed here in the interests of promoting transparency in local government and affording the public access to information.

These documents will be added to as and when they become available.


In terms of the Municipal Systems Act (MSA) and the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), the City is required to make public its agreements with external contractors. These are listed below (click on "+Directorate" to expand, click again to collapse):

Acronyms & initialisms:
MOA: Memorandum of Agreement
MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
PA: Partnership Agreement
SDA: Service Delivery Agreement
SLA: Service Level Agreement 

collapse Directorate : Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning ‎(18)
MOA Cape Craft and Design Institute.PDFMOA Cape Craft and Design Institute2773 KB
MOA Cape Film Commission.PDFMOA Cape Film Commission2302 KB
MOA Cape Information Technology Initiative.PDFMOA Cape Information Technology Initiative2215 KB
MOA Cape Town Call Centre Development Association BPeSA.PDFMOA Cape Town Call Centre Development Association BPeSA2872 KB
MOA Cape Town Fashion Council.PDFMOA Cape Town Fashion Council2253 KB
MOA CLOTEX Clothing and Textile Service Centre.PDFMOA CLOTEX Clothing and Textile Service Centre2725 KB
MOA Helderberg Marine Protected Area.pdfMOA Helderberg Marine Protected Area3311 KB
MOA Interactive Africa.PDFMOA Interactive Africa3872 KB
MOA Learn to Earn.PDFMOA Learn to Earn3178 KB
MOA Shark Spotters.pdfMOA Shark Spotters667 KB
MOA Soil for Life.PDFMOA Soil for Life3073 KB
MOA South African Oil and Gas Alliance.PDFMOA South African Oil and Gas Alliance6556 KB
MOA UCT African Centre for Cities.pdfMOA UCT African Centre for Cities2636 KB
MOA UCT Graduate School of Business.PDFMOA UCT Graduate School of Business3234 KB
MOA Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency.PDFMOA Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency2064 KB
MOU Cape Town Birdlife South Africa.pdfMOU Cape Town Birdlife South Africa2524 KB
MOU PRASA Integrated Rail and Growth Corridor Densification.pdfMOU PRASA Integrated Rail and Growth Corridor Densification2632 KB
SLA Freedthinkers.pdfSLA Freedthinkers3253 KB
collapse Directorate : Finance ‎(1)
collapse Directorate : Human Settlements ‎(1)
PA - The Cape Town Social Housing Programme.pdfPA - The Cape Town Social Housing Programme898 KB
collapse Directorate : Safety and Security ‎(13)
MOA_Central_City_Improvement_District.pdfMOA_Central_City_Improvement_District1218 KB
MOA_Century_City_Property_Owners_Association.pdfMOA_Century_City_Property_Owners_Association1204 KB
MOA_Century_City_Property_Owners_Association_2.pdfMOA_Century_City_Property_Owners_Association_21229 KB
MOA_Claremont_Improvement_District.pdfMOA_Claremont_Improvement_District1220 KB
MOA_Epping_CityImprovemnt_District.pdfMOA_Epping_CityImprovemnt_District1169 KB
MOA_Green_Point_City_Improvement_District.pdfMOA_Green_Point_City_Improvement_District1655 KB
MOA_Muizenberg_Improvement_Disrtict.pdfMOA_Muizenberg_Improvement_Disrtict1229 KB
MOA_Outsurance_Insurance_Company_LTD.pdfMOA_Outsurance_Insurance_Company_LTD1198 KB
MOA_Sea_Point_City_Improvement_District.pdfMOA_Sea_Point_City_Improvement_District1008 KB
MOA_The_WC_Provincial_Gov_Dept_Of_Transport_and_Public_Works.pdfMOA_The_WC_Provincial_Gov_Dept_Of_Transport_and_Public_Works1166 KB
MOA_Woodstcok_Improvement_District.pdfMOA_Woodstcok_Improvement_District1504 KB
MOU_Safety_and_Security_Swartland_Municipality.pdfMOU_Safety_and_Security_Swartland_Municipality392 KB
MOU_Safety_and_Security_The_Western_Cape_Education_Department.pdfMOU_Safety_and_Security_The_Western_Cape_Education_Department1247 KB
collapse Directorate : Tourism, Events and Marketing ‎(4)
MOA_City_Hall.pdfMOA_City_Hall456 KB
MOA_Visitor_Services_2002_2008.pdfMOA_Visitor_Services_2002_20083526 KB
MOA_Visitor_Services_2002_2008_2012080615415200.pdfMOA_Visitor_Services_2002_2008_20120806154152004863 KB
MOA_Visitors_Services_and_Destination_Marketing_2009_2012.pdfMOA_Visitors_Services_and_Destination_Marketing_2009_20129823 KB
collapse Directorate : Utility Services ‎(5)
SDA - Fisantekraal Waste Water Treatment Works.pdfSDA - Fisantekraal Waste Water Treatment Works724 KB
SDA - Zandvlie Waste Water Treatment Works.pdfSDA - Zandvlie Waste Water Treatment Works779 KB
SLA_Annandale_Farm_Phase1A.pdfSLA_Annandale_Farm_Phase1A8047 KB
SLA_Construction_of_municipal_services_Stellendale.pdfSLA_Construction_of_municipal_services_Stellendale5050 KB
SLA_Design_construction_of_external_bulk_water_and_sewer_infrastructure.pdfSLA_Design_construction_of_external_bulk_water_and_sewer_infrastructure4488 KB
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