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Name the new stadium

Green Point Stadium

There are only two more days for Capetonians to suggest a name for the breathtaking new stadium in Green Point.

Residents can e-mail their suggested name plus a motivation to All good ideas will be considered. The deadline for submissions is Friday 9 October 2009.

The City of Cape Town proposes that the stadium be named ‘Cape Town Stadium’.
The reasoning behind this proposal is that:

  • ‘Green Point stadium’ refers to its location and is not an official name
  • ‘Cape Town’ is a strong and established international brand
  • ‘Cape Town’ is distinct, yet flexible and neutral enough to attract a variety of sponsors
  • Other stadiums in South Africa have commercial, cultural or heritage names. Naming Cape Town’s new stadium after a person could be controversial and could divide, rather than unite residents. These options could also limit the sale of commercial rights. Not all sponsors might want to associate with such a name
  • During the 2010 FIFA World Cup event the stadium would be referred to as the Cape Town Stadium in any event. This will establish the proposed name with millions of viewers across the world
  • The name ‘Cape Town Stadium’ transmits the message that this is a stadium for all of Cape Town and its residents

Comments and suggestions will be assessed by an expert panel with independent oversight. Assessment criteria will include marketing, sponsorship, advertising and revenue potential as well as inclusivity. The comments will be reported to the City Council whose decision will be final.

Martin Pollack
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