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Cycle lanes to go green

Following the successful trial of green painted cycle lanes in a section of Bree Street, the City of Cape Town will demarcate all cycle lanes on roadways by painting them green. The colour coding helps to promote safety and awareness for vehicles and pedestrians.
The outcomes of the trial included the following:

  • Vehicles generally refrained from parking on the green surface and blocking the cycle lane, which had been a problem in the past
  • The surface is clearly defined and action can be taken against vehicles parked illegally across the cycle lane
  • The green paint is skid-resistant and durable
  • The application is labour intensive. This creates an employment opportunity for Extended Public Works Programme workers when cycle projects are implemented
  • The durability of the surface reduces maintenance requirements

 The next step will be to paint the remaining sections of the Bree Street lanes green and install the appropriate cycle signage.  
Albert Road through Mowbray, Salt River, Woodstock and Strand Street in the Cape Town CBD are planned for late August 2013.
With the city-wide non-motorised transport (NMT) infrastructure programme being rolled out, more colourised cycle paths will be created. The City believes this will go a long way towards creating safer cycling environments, as well as encouraging other road users to share the public right of way in the city.

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