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Calling all skilled, dedicated nurses ...

If you are a professional nurse, the City of Cape Town – and its residents – needs you!

City Health is driving an initiative to fill the vacancies at its primary health care clinics across the Peninsula.

Recently 51 nursing staff have been appointed, but an additional 58 are still needed. Cape Town’s eight health districts have the highest number of local government clinics in South Africa that comply with international health standards.

These municipal clinics offer many primary health-care services, from TB screening and treatment; counselling and testing for HIV and treatment of associated (opportunistic) infections; breastfeeding advice, developmental assessment, growth monitoring and immunisation; as well as treatment of chronic illnesses (such as high blood pressure, angina, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and asthma.

In order to fill the vacant nursing posts across the peninsula, City Health has employed a dedicated human resource practitioner on a three-month contract, mostly to recruit experienced and highly skilled professional nurses.

According to a report to the Health Portfolio Committee, City Health trains and develops professional nurses, but once they have attained the necessary training, they are poached by other sectors offering more competitive salaries.

The municipality has therefore identified four nursing categories as critical scarce skills that enable it to offer more attractive remuneration packages.

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Martin Pollack
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