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Bright Idea Projects provides youth skills development training to local community

The City of Cape Town recently hosted a skills development programme, run by Bright Idea Projects, which provided practical and soft job skills to the communities of Retreat, Grassy Park and Lotus River.

The programme, launched on 12 June 2013, aims to train participants in practical skills which will allow them to secure sustainable employment. A group of 15 youths from the areas were chosen to attend after an intensive assessment application process which included an evaluation of their skills, learning styles and personality to determine their aptitudes.

Those successful applicants who were selected for participation were then allocated to one of three training programmes which included hairdressing, welding and electrical wiring.

In addition to learning practical job skills, the programme participants were trained in soft skills which would enable them to run their own businesses. The first day of the programme was dedicated to personal development where they were exposed to concepts like emotional intelligence that encouraged personal reflection and laid a foundation for further development.

The participants were also given training in entrepreneurship through a structured learning course which provided guidance on the ins and outs of starting, managing and growing a business.

During the practical part of the programme, participants were given hands-on instruction in their allocated skill-set from experienced facilitators. At the conclusion of the course, participants were given kits containing all the necessary tools and equipment to go out and put their skills into practice immediately.

The photo inset shows a group of students graduating from the Bright Idea Projects programme.

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