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Municipal accounts information
Due to system upgrade some of the links on this page may not be available during this weekend. It will be back online by Tuesday, 29 April 2014 at 07:00.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

To see your rates and services accounts, please register here. This is so that we can match your account details to you. After you have registered, you will be sent a username and password which you can use to login. Once you have done so, you will find your account information on the 'Rates and services accounts' tab.

Logging in gives you access to your rates and service account/s.

Here you can see your:

  • Rates, services and related invoices and accounts
  • Your water, sewerage and electricity consumption in chart form
  • Future meter reading dates
  • A history of your paid invoices as well as any invoices in the payment process
  • A history of your payments and the allocation of your payments to the various invoices
  • Credits due to you
  • Unpaid invoices

There is also a facility to initiate payments and enter your water and electricity meter readings. Click here to enter your meter reading.   

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