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Smart Office Toolkit

The Smart Office Toolkit has been designed to assist you in your journey towards a greener office, step-by-step. It has been developed in support of the Smart Living Handbook, which provides additional background information and relates specifically to the home environment.

Going ‘green’ is no longer a trend; it is the responsibility of every business, big or small. We cannot undo the damage already done over time, but we can certainly change the way we do things in the future. Every action we take; every piece of equipment we use; every meeting we have; all the paper that we use and throw away has an impact on the environment.
Until recently, most organisations had not thought of the true environmental impact of their business, but global pressure and government regulations are now requiring businesses to re-look at how they run their operations.
This toolkit will help you to:
  • Identify what you can do at the office;
  • Develop a process for implementing a sustainability strategy at the office;
  • Learn tips for practical things you can do around the office;
  • Plan a successful and cost-effective approach to addressing environmental issues in the workplace;
  • Compile an environmental policy and strategy that is relevant to your business and of interest to your clients and stakeholders; and
  • Explore further options for implementing sustainability through brief
    introductions to eco-procurement, green building and eco-driving.


Full digital version of Smart Office Handbook - A guide to greening your office (on-screen view to accompany the toolkit) [PDF 3.6 MB]

Individual sections to download:

Smart office A3 poster - 8 green 'reminders' for the office

Smart office sustainability quiz - what's your footprint rating?
Case studies:

Resources referred to in the Smart Office Handbook:

Step 2: Do an eco-audit at the office
(p.28 in full handbook)

Scoping audit (snapshot audit)

Audit guidelines (comprehensive audit)

Audit templates

Energy audit sheet    Energy cheat sheet

Waste audit sheet     Waste cheat sheet

Water audit sheet      Water cheat sheet

Biodiversity audit sheet

>> Click here for extra online reference material on eco-audits and their themes.

Step 3: Develop an action plan and environmental policy
(p.30 & 33 in full handbook)

How to write an environmental policy

How to write an action plan

Example of action plan 1 Excel version    Example of action plan 2

>> Click here for extra online reference material on developing action and management plans.

Step 4: Implement your action plan
(p.34 in full handbook)

Training material

Energy presentation [PPTX 6.3 MB]

Waste presentation [PPTX 6.5 MB]

Water presentation [PPTX 4 MB]

Biodiversity presentation [PPTX 6.7 MB]

Stickers and posters

Reminder stickers: Energy

Reminder stickers: Waste

Reminder sticker: Compost

Reminder stickers: Water

Reminder stickers: Biodiversity

Bin sticker: Recycling (lids)

Bin sticker: Recycling (sides)

Poster: Save paper

Poster: FLOW water

Poster: Smart living

Poster: Top 10 items found after world beach clean-up ICC 2012 (Ocean Conservancy)

Poster: Weird finds after world beach clean-up ICC 2012 (Ocean Conservancy)

Step 5: Monitor your progress and report on results
(p.36 in full handbook)

Sustainability reporting

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guidelines

>> Click here for extra online reference material on sustainable development in the business.

Beyond the office
(p.75 in full handbook)

Green procurement

Information and Guideline Document on the Implementation of Green Procurement in the City of Cape Town

>> Click here for extra online reference material on green procurement, eco-driving, green building and event greening.


Please consider the environment before printing this web page. 

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