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Disaster Risk Management
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Together we can take great strides to try and reduce the occurrence or impact of disasters and ensure that we can cope in the best way possible when they do occur. We need to think ‘safety’ and act safely.

In a disaster you may need to look after yourself without outside assistance for at least three days. Your preparedness should include enough supplies and drinking water to last for this period. We suggest that you draft your own Family Emergency Plan as soon as possible and identify all your risks and hazards which affect your area.

It is our aim at the Disaster Risk Management Centre (DRMC) to identify, prevent or reduce the occurrence of disasters, and to soften the impact of those hazards that cannot be prevented. We perform a co-ordination role, ensuring that multiple emergency and essential services work in an integrated and efficient manner, both pro-actively (risk reduction, planning and preparedness) and re-actively (response, relief, recovery and rehabilitation).

Please do not phone our emergency number for any other City service. (The general enquiry number for the City of Cape Town is 0860 103 089.)

Your first step in preparedness
  • Write down ‘Emergencies: Call 107’ on or near your telephone at home and at work
  • Save the number 021 480 7700 on your cellphone under the name ‘All Emergencies
    Teach your children how to dial the number.
  • Explain that the number is strictly for emergencies only. (Prank calls clog up the centre and can cost lives.)
  • Tell your family and friends about the 107 emergency number

The Disaster Risk
Management Centre

Contact us for information and advice before, during and after a disaster.

080 911 HELP (4357)

(International Callers):
+27 21 597 6000
086 576 1776
For information and advice: 086 576 1775
For disasters e-mail:


Report all emergencies in Cape Town when your life or property is in danger or if you see an emergency occurring.
From a telephone:

You must be located within the 021 dialling-code area.

From a cellphone: 
021 480 7700
The single 107 number helps streamline emergency services and offers the caller a more efficient service.
Click here to visit the 107 website.
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