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Sanitation and Housing

The Environmental Health section promotes the provision of basic sanitation services
and housing for citizens located within all informal settlements within the City of Cape
Town. It is well known that inadequate or lack of services and provision of basic
sanitation and housing services negatively impact on the health, safety and general
well being of the residents of these communities, and such conditions are conducive
to the spread of disease. The Environmental Health section promotes the provision of
basic services and housing by:

  • Assessing the level of basic services and housing provided within communities and
    reporting shortcomings and making recommendations to Council.
  • Assessing the level of risk associated with the spread and control of disease.
  • Establishing multi disciplinary working groups that encourage the provision of
    additional sustainable basic services and housing.
  • Establishing community education programs that promote environmental health
    through encouraging acceptable sanitation practices.
  • Promoting the provision of basic and sustainable services and housing, such as
    water supply, refuse removal, toilet facilities and waste water disposal.
  • Intersectoral Collaboration

    The Environmental Health section has a very close working relationship with the City
    of Cape Town's Housing Section, Waste Management Department, City
    Planners Department and Waterworks Department
    . Close working relationships
    with Non Governmental Organizations and Governmental Agencies are also encouraged
    in order to promote the provision of a sustainable sanitation infrastructure.

    Health Nuisance Abatement Related to Sanitation and Housing

    As incidences of inadequate refuse removal and disposal, sewage blockages,
    malfunctioning septic tanks or any unhygienic condition that may occur on private
    property has the potential to impact on the health of the general public. The
    Environmental Health section gets involved in resolving these sanitation problems
    through collaborating with various service departments of the city or in the case of
    private residences by serving health notices on owners if deemed necessary.

    This service extends to the following:

    • Investigation of public complaints and concerns.
    • Referral of problems to relevant departments.
    • Serving health notices on occupiers or owners to remedy any health nuisance related
      to: household refuse, sewage and wastewater disposal.


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